Become a partner

Does your store want to earn extra revenue? Then partner with Cheapwebistes and become an official selling point!

Commission rates vary between 30€ upto 150€ per sale.

How it works


Step 1

Stores are easily identifiable selling Cheapwebistes products via an official license and promotional materials. Allowing customers to find your store.


Step 2

An interested client will need to fill out a form or make the purchase online using a unique code only valid from your store. Allowing us to validate the purchase.

Step 3

Once confirmed and the client has filled out all the details. The client must pay the first monthly payment to the store. Or the store must wait to receive the first payment when the client has made the first payment.

Step 4

If a physical document was written, the store will need to scan the document and await pickup as a representative will collect the documents.  


Step 5

That's it! Now just wait for the client to either already make the first payment to you, which you can keep, or wait for us to receive the first payment of the client and get paid via bank transfer.

Interested? Contact us Below or ask the commision rates.